Rock Hard Sex through Hot Gay Websites 

I woke up this morning feeling quite tired. It was weird for somebody who slept for more than eight hours last night. I went to trace back what happened the previous day but all I can remember was that it was a pretty chill one. So I wondered loudly, “Why am I too tired?”

I was dizzy when I tried to get off the bed so I was left a little dumbfounded at this weird feeling I am experiencing. It was intoxicating and something that you would crave for again and again. It was pretty much like a drug that I can get addicted to. It was painful yet it was thrilling at the same time.

When I stood up from the bed, I felt all this crazy wetness in between my legs and right then and there I understood what this meant. It was pretty obvious now what happened last night – perhaps I had a dream where I was having sex with someone else and it felt all too real that’s why I did something crazy. I don’t remember exactly what happened but I liked how it felt.
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The minute I entered the bathroom to take a shower, the dripping cold water felt strange as well. My body felt sore and I was aching inside and outside of my body. It was an intensifying pain – the kind wherein the colder the water gets, the more it worsens. It felt scary to think that something must have happened to me last night as well. I couldn’t stop myself from showering though because I felt sticky from all the cum I have in between my legs. I showered and got rid of it all and when I felt clean, I turned on the faucet’s knob and wrapped myself in a towel.

When I stepped out of the shower, I looked at myself in the mirror and noticed that I have a scar on my face that I never noticed before. It looks kind of fresh and I figured this might be a result of the excitement I had in my dream last night that I scratched my face deeply. As weird as it might be, this thought immediately left my mind because of too much pain.

I saw that my all over my body, I had scratches everywhere. It was weird too but somehow I got accustomed to the thought that I probably did something crazy last night. I put on some treatments for my wounds and while looking at myself in the mirror and putting on bandaid on the scar on my face, I went into a trance.

I found myself in a bar on a cold chilly night last September. The bar is almost close to being empty and when I looked at the sign, it’s only open until three in the morning. It was already two. I was drinking a glass of beer but couldn’t figure out if I was waiting for anybody. The bar is pretty quiet too and I can’t help but stare at the clock as it makes its tick-tock sound.

I was growing impatient from waiting. It seems clearer now that I am perhaps waiting for a friend. It didn’t feel eerie so I knew that I would be find. Fifteen minutes past two in the morning, a bulky guy came up to me and we shook hands. His name is Richard. He’s really tall – 6”5 tall and is very buff too. I immediately sensed that this guy likes going to the gym. He was wearing a leather jacket, jeans, and bling around his neck and his wrist. This guy is definitely not my type.

Richard sat down and we talked for a few minutes as if in an attempt to get to know each other better. We talked about ourselves and nothing else. The conversation we had was kept on a very civil level because I was really eager to give my information all out for fear that it might be used against me.

While Richard was talking, I looked at his face and it looked really gentle. I somehow understood that all of this getup is just a front to make him look fearless. His skin is really white and there are no blemishes on his face. His lips are very thin and the red shade is illuminated by the lights. I looked at his hands and they look very soft and gentle. This guy must be living a comfortable life. He smelled good too which I like.

It was surreal that conversation we had because as untrusting as I can be with other people, Richard put me off guard. I found myself trusting him in minutes and even went ahead and agreed to go with him the minute the bar closed. At exactly three in the morning, Richard and I left to go for a walk – no plans, no direction, just wherever our feet would take us.

We reached a pathway down the street which was very dark but even if this was so, I didn’t feel scared of this guy I just met. He was a gentleman and I wanted to simply let go of all my barriers and scream out loud to his face, “I am gay!” I am sure Richard knows and has figured this out the minute I said yes to us walking but he never said anything. I had a sense too that Richard is gay because he was gentle and masculine at the same time.

When we reached the pathway and continued walking, it felt like I was this giddy teenager experiencing love at first sight – although I am not really a believer of this. I was happy and felt the desire to experiment with myself and my body parts and I wanted to touch Richard everywhere.

There were some vendors on the street selling balloons and flowers and Richard went all crazy buying me both. It felt really extraordinary because we just met and we felt like we were both invincible. At around four in the morning, I started to feel weak in my legs from too much walking. I had to do the first move and asked Richard if he wanted to go to my place to continue this one hell of a conversation. Richard delightfully agreed as expected.

When we got to my place, I entertained Richard as I would do my other guests. We drank tea, watched a brief shows on hot gay websites, continued our conversation and felt a little too sleepy all of a sudden. I do not remember how it happened but we found ourselves cuddled against each other’s body, both naked and we both felt content. I would know because Richard slept as soundly as a baby would and something inside of me was telling me that this was right.

While he was sleeping soundly beside me, I paused and wondered once more, “why the hell did we watch from hot gay websites?” I couldn’t dare ask while we were asking because it seemed like a silent agreement to me that we are doing what we usually do and loving it all the same. I figured that Richard is gay and is into those kinds of things and although I am not really into watching from hot gay websites, I didn’t judge his character as I would normally do others.

I fell asleep on this thought and dreamed a dream I couldn’t remember. All I knew is that it involved Richard and myself and we were introducing one another to each other’s family. Everybody was happy, everybody was all smiles and we both couldn’t ask for more.

I woke up suddenly at the sound of the rain and found that Richard was still there sleeping beside me. He cuddled himself this time like a fetus in its mother’s womb. I grabbed hold of my polaroid camera and took his picture. And although nothing happened to us that night sexually, I decided to check out the hot gay websites he introduced me to.

It was a shame that I was only discovering this kind of past time this late in the my life. I am already 29 years old and I feel like I am a late bloomer. But who cares? Better late than never, as the old adage claims, right? And so I watched several porn shows and felt this intense heat inside of my body. If only Richard was awake, I know for sure we will do something fun and crazy. But he wasn’t. I had to endure the heat inside of me and do something about it on my own.

I gathered up the courage to unzip my pants, touch myself, and jerked off slowly at first and then faster and faster by the second. I was imitating what I was seeing on the hot gay websites and I was having the best time of my life. I was constantly looking at Richard to make sure that he’s still sound asleep because I wouldn’t want to be laughed at when he sees what I am doing.

I shifted from hot gay websites ever so often until it reached a point where my sexual desire couldn’t contain it any longer. I decided to stick to one website and continue the pleasure that I was giving myself. It was one great experience and what made it even better is the fact that Richard is there, sleeping. What a thrilling experience it was!

After I was done touching myself and allowing myself to reach the point where my cum was unstoppable, I laid down beside Richard and felt too exhausted to even cuddle close to him. At this point, all I wanted was to sleep soundly through the night and wake up refreshed and renewed for another tiring day ahead.

I went away from the trance and reached reality once again and saw myself staring back at me through the mirror in my bathroom. It was like I was zoned out completely from reality and back and couldn’t differentiate the two instantly.

I ran out of the bathroom in an attempt to patch things together but when I reached my bedroom, I couldn’t find any trace of Richard. I wondered if he did ever exist because if he did, and if the story in my head were true – that Richard and I had the best time of our lives, he wouldn’t leave without saying goodbye and I was so sure of that. But I couldn’t figure out exactly what all this meant.

I looked around my bedroom and couldn’t find any trace of Richard. I turned on my computer and checked if I had any hot gay websites bookmarked in it but there weren’t any as well. Everything started to become a blur and while I was searching for websites that would feel familiar to me, I saw a familiar face on the internet. It was Richard.

Richard was on one of the hot gay websites I was watching and the guy he was having sex with was even more familiar than himself. It was me. “How is this possible?”, I wondered? “I should have known that I was being taped. I should have known that something even happened between us!” It was the weirdest feeling of all – not being able to remember the things that you did.

I felt disgusted and afraid that this Richard guy tricked me into doing something crazy and while I was at the verge of turning my computer off, I saw that Richard handed me a glass of water which I figured had drugs in it to make me fall asleep. And right then and there, I did fall flat on the bed but Richard did not stop from humping me while I was as good as dead. Richard looked straight into the video camera’s lens and winked.

I got really scared.

Hot Gay Websites

Guide to the hottest sites on the web.

Find all the super Hot Gay Websites! Let us be your guide.

Spend any time on the internet, and you’ll soon find a plethora of what you want – be it sites on books, bugs, basketball or breakdancing. For those with sexual preferences outside the ‘norm’, the net can be a great place to find hot websites where you can find exactly what you’re after, and indulge as much as you like without fear or favour. If you’re a guy into guys, you need never be worried again that your sexual predilection precludes you from finding porn, magazines or even company online. Just as pirate or pigeon fanciers can find the website that suits their needs perfectly, gay guys can now feel at home in their own home, surfing the net and finding the exact websites they’re after. But the internet can be a trap for young players, and it can be easy to fall prey to scams and fraud, and soon you’ll find yourself in danger – not only of having your credit card abused online but also physical danger, if you’re not careful. We’ve detailed here some of the great things about the internet and websites that can be found, but also how to stay safe while surfing and playing online.

Hot Gay Websites


 Let’s start with the bleeding obvious, and one of the most sought-after genres online – gay porn websites. The beauty of finding porn online via websites is that you can do it all in the privacy of your home; you don’t need to visit a physical shopfront and risk being seen, embarrassed, or worse. There’s no awkward moment of approaching the counter in the adult store with your hot gay porn and worrying about the guy behind the desk sniggering or sneering. You can surf for hot gay websites offering porn online, safe in the knowledge that your website history will remain confidential, and no-one will see what you’re seeing on your own computer screen. Some of the hottest gay websites are pornographic in nature, and there’s nothing wrong with a bit of porn, as long as it’s done sensibly and within reason. (If you feel you’re developing an addiction (or someone you know is) then it might be time to seek help – but if you’re watching porn on hot gay websites and it is done healthily, then there’s nothing wrong with that!)

Hot gay porn websites are plentiful, but it is easy to get stuck looking at something that’s, well, less-than-average. If you’re looking for free hot gay pornographic websites there are heaps around, you just have to know where to look, or what to look for. There are plenty of paid gay porn sites, too, but you need to feel comfortable about giving your credit card number to such a site – remember, it is private as it is in your own home, but your credit card company will still see – and therefore know – where you’re spending your money and if you want it to be a real secret, then paying for hot gay porn via your credit card might not be the way to go. Your safest bet is to surf around for a while and spend some time discovering what is out there. If you decide to pay, make sure you don’t sign up for a self-renewing subscription that automatically takes the money from your account at a set time each year (or less). You want to have control over your subscription, so read the fine print. And make sure if you agree to a paid site that you’re not going to get more than you bargained for – such as popup advertising or toolbars, screensavers or mouse cursors that you don’t want.

Something else to bear in mind is that if you’re downloading free porn from a hot gay website, then you’re chewing up your monthly download allocation given to you from your I.S.P. (internet service provider, who you get your internet connection through). If you don’t have a high allowance for downloading, then viewing porn online can run up your download allocation. If finding hot gay websites is your new hobby, then think about switching to a plan with a high download quota, or an unlimited quota. This will prevent you from either having to shell out more money on excess download charges, or be throttled to a dial-up speed once you’ve reached your download quota (which will, in effect, stop your hobby in its tracks until the month is up).

So once you’ve decided on the type of internet plan you want (to avoid either being throttled or incurring excess fees), and you know if you want to pay for website access (and if so, how you want to pay for them) or stick with the free hot gay porn websites, then you’re well on your way!

You can Google your preferences for hot gay websites, but make sure you specify in your search if you’re after free porn – by default, if you leave out the ‘free’ bit, you might find yourself getting only paid porn websites in your results. So ‘free gay porn twinks’ will give you a heap of results for free gay porn featuring twinks.

As an aside, here’s where a great virus protection programme comes in handy – if you’re downloading videos from a hot gay website, or sometimes just entering a website (hot, gay or not), you can leave yourself open to viruses attacking your computer. So make sure your computer is fully protected before you download anything, or click on any suspicious websites. The continual warnings about the spyware programme or virus protection is well worth not having your computer infected, or being left open to attacks by spyware.

If you’re a parent or guardian, you can download or purchase many programmes to prevent any under age children from viewing sites on your computer you might not want them to find. As detailed below, in some areas of your country it can be illegal for people of certain ages to view pornography, and if they find it on your computer you’re not only in trouble too, but imagine the guilt you’d feel after exposing them to something you don’t want them to see.

Now, back to hot gay porn websites: it depends on how easily you get off. Some gay porn websites have their home page as a collection of shots, most of which show hot gay guys fucking and sucking other hot gay guys. Sometimes this can be enough to get things going, or finish off the job at hand – depending on what you want the gay websites for. Usually, you’ll find these photos are a snapshot of what happens in a video, and if you click on the photo then you’ll either be taken to a very short clip (in the case of free porn, usually 12 – 20 seconds, although there are some websites out there that allow you upwards of a minute or more) or another website. This is where it can get a little frustrating – sometimes you’ll just be directed from one website to another and never actually get anywhere, but end up at a site where you need to pay. And you’ll end up with about 28 browsers open and you might find due to pop ups you’ll be forever trying to close them all down again! Other websites offer a trial for a small amount, say, $1 – but to get that free trial you have to enter your credit card details. So again, make sure you know if you want to pay for the websites or not before you sit down in front of your computer. And if you’ve decided not to pay for anything, make sure you don’t find yourself tempted to wander to your wallet and take out your credit card if you find a gay website that is too hot to ignore. is a great site where you can find clips up to a minute long. Okay, it’s not exactly a movie marathon, but they are free, and they have some of the hottest gays being fucked, so you can’t complain too much. Along much the same lines, is good for free clips. Of course, these free sites do lead to better paid sites, so it’s worthwhile hunting around. And if they don’t eventually end up at a paid site, they often have links to recommended paid sites (usually because they get some type of commission from your clicks). And you can find clips, videos and pictures on just about any theme you like – old and young guys, twinks, bears, uniform/military, college, bisexual, masturbation scenes, shower scenes, cumshots, glory holes, medical scenes, interracial (Latino, black, Euro, Asian etc), anime, bondage and discipline, sadism, masochism, watersports, outdoor, group sex, hardcore, toys, fetish, oral, jocks, hunks, rape fantasy, fisting, bareback, celebrities and straight boys.

Some gay porn websites tease you a little by letting you glimpse something spectacular, after which you need to enter your credit card as payment to see anything else. These are really not worth it.

And beware the websites that need you to enter a credit card to ‘verify you’re over 18’ – once they have your credit card number, they can do anything with it, whether you like it or not. If this is what you’re finding, you’re better off sticking with the ‘free’ gay websites or just finding a good paid website that you can trust and you feel comfortable with. Of course, if you have gay friends who like gay porn websites too, they might be able to recommend a good website (or websites!) – paid or otherwise. Nothing beats a recommendation from a friend who has the same interests as you, so ask around.

Beware too, the websites that appear to be legal but aren’t (that is, those purporting to have ‘legal-aged’ models but when you arrive at their page the models seem suspiciously young and under age). You don’t want to be caught viewing what might be child porn, no matter how good your intentions are. Also, be careful what the laws are in your local area – they can vary from state to state, and websites that might be completely legal in one part of the country can be definitely illegal in another. The same goes for your age – if you’re under a certain age in some countries it could be illegal for you to view porn (or pay for it). A simple online surfing expedition to find hot gay websites might end up in prison if you’re not careful, so check the laws and regulations in your area before visiting the websites!






Another genre you might be interested in while surfing for hot gay websites is online publications, such as magazines or books. Again, some sites might be free (such as The Electronic Gay Community Magazine, the longest running of its kind, being continuously published since 1988) but there are others that require a subscription to be paid, much like a paper magazine or book publication. is a hot gay online magazine, accessed via a website. Here you can read all about the latest happenings in the gay world, including entertainment and current affairs, news and sport. Not to mention, it has some of the hottest cover guys on any of the websites in this genre. Not to be outdone, the younger generation have their own mag at - and it definitely has something for the out and proud youngster. There are, of course, gay magazine websites pertaining to specific areas so have a hunt around and see if there is a local magazine with its own website for you to peruse online. If you’re a gay or lesbian Christian you’re not left out either, with their own online magazine in the form of

You can order gay books online, through websites such as and then searching for ‘gay’ publications, and then you simply order them online (with a credit card) and they ship them out to you. It’s not really private as the books leave from a huge warehouse and are shipped via a courier company or the local post, so if you’re ordering anything a little naughty, bear this in mind. For a comprehensive listing of book sellers that stock and sometimes ship gay literature, is a must-visit. Updated regularly, BookWire will help you find a book seller that may even have rare and out-of-print books, all gay and lesbian in nature.

Some of you may have heard of e-books – these are basically a digital form of printed books that you can purchase and download, to read on your iPod, or simply leave on your computer to read at your leisure. Imagine travelling to work on the train and reading hot gay literature downloaded from some of the best gay book websites, and never losing your page again! Beware when downloading from websites, make sure your virus and spyware protection is up to date, so you don’t get more than just the e-book being downloaded onto your hard drive! has a collection of e-books you can download, including the beautiful story of two boys who fall in love. is a hot site full of gay literature, some of it free, most of it really cheap. The best thing about e-books is that because there are hardly any overheads (printing costs, publishers etc) they are usually pretty cheap and all profits go to the writers. And usually, they are great as the writers don’t have the attitude that highly-paid best-seller writers who are contracted to major publishing houses have. is another hot gay e-book site, where all the publications are free. It’s Australian, too, so even better! A website with plenty of erotic and downright pornographic stories is Although the website is peppered with ads and the stories can be somewhat amateur, they are free, so that’s something.






If it’s company you’re after, again, the internet is chock-full of places you can meet other hot gays like yourself. Websites abound where you can either pay a fee to access a website in order to meet other gay guys, or do it all for free. Bear in mind, the free websites will bombard you with advertising – they have to make money somewhere – and so it might be worthwhile investing in a reputable paid online dating website service and avoid annoying pop-ups or banner ads while you’re trying to find a date. Also, some dating websites advertise ‘free’ membership to try and get the membership numbers up – and once you’ve joined you’ll find there’s you, the owner and three of his best mates who belong to the site, and no-one else. Admittedly, nothing is lost as you’ve not outlaid any money, but it can be an annoying waste of time. Perhaps a paid site, even though you’re handing over money, is a better choice. Make sure you select a reputable dating website, and one that has been around for a long time. This will help guarantee that they aren’t going to take your membership fees and run off with them! Other paid sites sometimes offer a free trial period, so you can play around on the websites before you have to fork out any money – if you don’t like it, you don’t pay. If you do like it, then by all means join up! And some paid sites actually say it is free to join – but then you can’t do anything until you upgrade to a paid membership. It’s like being locked out of a candy store; you can look all you like from the outside (just like every other shopper) but to get inside you need to pay.

Online dating through gay websites is just like any other dating websites that exist to help people meet each other. There are safety issues to address, and you need to be aware of them and go into dating via websites with your eyes open.

When picking a nic, or a handle, or a username (depending on what your websites call it) you need to be honest, and keep in mind that’s usually the first thing a potential hot gay date will see of you. So something like ‘Fuckmyass69’ won’t necessarily attract the attention you’re after – or maybe it will, but make sure you play it safe! Similarly, ‘shyguybigdick’ might tell people the type of person you are, but it might be a little too much information on a gay dating website!

If you’re going to use a picture on your profile, make it a good one – current, clear and a good likeness of you. The photo of you in college with long blonde locks flowing down your back and framing your stunning abs might be you, but the real you might be 47, losing their hair and a little on the tubby side. The photo of you in college won’t attract the kind of person you’ll want to be attracted to you now.

Make it plain why you’re on the gay dating websites. If you just want to play around online and never meet, say so. If you want a three-way, make it known. If you want to settle down with a life partner and the white picket fence, make it clear – this will avoid any potential embarrassment and heartache later on, when you find out the gay guy you met through dating websites is not after the same thing you are. It’ll also save you wasting time with people who aren’t your perfect match, for whatever you’re after.

Next, when you want to approach a gay guy on one of the websites you’ve chosen to meet someone, make sure you don’t reveal everything in your first chat session. Hot conversation is great, but inviting them to your home late at night is asking for trouble. Take things slow, until you find out if your new gay online friend is all they say they are – after all, their nic ‘sensitive_and_shaved’ might be a complete fabrication. You’ll only put yourself in a position of knowing for sure if you talk to them online via the websites, before moving to a phone conversation. Giving your potential gay date the PIN and passwords to your bank accounts might be a bit premature, as is giving out your home phone number and address to some gay guy you just met online.

Now, we’re going to confuse you! Be honest. By this, we mean don’t lie when dealing with gay guys on websites – don’t tell a potential gay date that you’re six foot one if you’re five foot seven. If you’re hairy and balding, tell them – trying to pass yourself off as a clean-waxed, full-head-of-hair Adonis won’t work for too long once you decide to meet each other in real life. This is different to telling them your life story and giving them your house key. Be prudent in the information you give them, but anything you do tell them, make sure it’s the truth. Of course, if you never plan to meet and you’ve made it clear that your websites’ exploits are simply for email and chat fun only, then you can be anyone you want to be. If dirty emails is what you want, there’s nothing wrong with that – as long as you’re up front and honest. But if you’ve put yourself down for a relationship, then being honest up front will set the pace and also prevent embarrassment at a later date. And, you wouldn’t want to be lied to either, would you?

If you’ve decided to move from chatting via the websites to a real life phone call, then onto a real life date, again – take precautions. Make sure you meet somewhere populated and preferably, in the daytime. Consider a lunch or brunch date at a café in town (not necessarily close to your home) and be certain you’re not being followed home afterwards. Arrange a phone call from a trusted friend to come in during the date, preferably a friend you’ve told you’re going on the date, so if things are going badly you have an ‘out’. And don’t feel pressured into anything you don’t want – we’re not just talking about hot sex, but even getting into their car or going back to their place. Gay guys are not immune to the dangers straight people face, so always be careful!

Some of the hot gay dating websites can be found easily. Of course, many of the dating websites that exist deal with all walks of life, and stating your preference is part of the membership process (for example, are you a ‘guy seeking guy’, ‘woman seeking man’, ‘woman seeking friendship’) so your specific needs aren’t addressed. You’re lumped in with all the other possible combinations available. So in this respect, gay dating websites might be a better choice. You know all the other members on the websites will be gay, looking for other gay guys.

Be sure to know that the websites you’re considering are local to you, if you plan on meeting your potential dates. There’s no point finding the man of your dreams on a gay dating website if he lives halfway around the world and neither of you want to move to be with the other! Although, many dating websites have websites within them for certain areas, or at least they have the facility to meet people in your area.

Some gay websites, like the aptly-named , have several sections so you can not only meet other gays in your area, but find out what is going on in your area and check the latest news pertaining to the gay world. This brings us to another aspect, that of forums and chat rooms, and online communities, that can serve to bring gay guys closer together for support, friendship and more. But this will be addressed later! Back to gay dating websites. is a great website for gays wishing to seek anything from friendship to a relationship or just casual sex. Like many other websites where you can meet other people, this one has a webcam facility so you needn’t worry if the gay guy you’re talking to is all they say they are. Like the potential photo debacle, the worrisome aspect of how someone looks can be avoided as you’re looking at ‘29_and_hot’ – and you can tell if they are in fact 29, and hot. This might sound very superficial, but if you’re after hot gay sex then knowing what the guy looks like is important – and you can tell a lot about a person when you see them speaking, not just typing words in a chat box. If you’re after a long-term relationship, then seeing them ‘face-to-face’ is also important to see if there’s a connection.

Some hot gay websites have blogs, so you can read the exploits of other gay guys (and if you’re a member, create your own blog to share your exploits with the world). And many websites offer groups you can join – if you have a hobby or fetish that you want to indulge in, there’s bound to be a group on one of the many websites available. Other websites have their own online magazines, where you can submit stories, take part in polls or ask questions and have them answered by others like you.






The online world has made the real world smaller. People are now only a click away, when not that long ago phone calls to other parts of the world were expensive and not always available. Prior to that, people communicated via letters (remember them?). In some respects, the shrinking of the world is not such a good thing. But for people who find themselves in a minority, the fact that others just like them are a small matter of simply turning on their pc is a huge relief.

For the gay community, the internet is a boon. In some parts of the world gay men (and lesbians) are put to death, as homosexuality is a crime. In other parts of the world their ‘devious’ acts are tolerated, but the people involved find themselves the targets of discrimination and violence. In yet other areas, homosexuality is embraced, and laws are being passed every day to enable gay people to have the same rights as straights. But even in these countries, gays are still subjected to hate crimes. So the fact that gays can communicate with other gays online, through websites, has meant they have a source of support where before there was none. A young gay guy at school now has the opportunity to get advice and encouragement from others, simply at the end of an internet connection. Websites that offer comfort and a friend to gay people can be found easily, and the person can go from victim to victor with the help of people they might never meet. If they feel isolated and alone at school, at work, in their own home or with their family and friends, then a whole new world opens for them when they open their browser. Suddenly, a gay person has people who understand – and, like the gay dating websites, they have a place they can ask questions, read stories (and maybe submit their own) and generally be part of a larger entity that they can’t find in their own real life. is one such place, a gathering of gays (and lesbians) where you are welcomed because of the one thing that ostracises you from anywhere else. Here you can find news and events, current affairs and entertainment happenings. You can get advice on anything from fitness to families and everything in between. have a great selection of current affairs and news articles, with everything from politics to sport covered in good detail. Lifestyle, health and business are also dealt with, as is an accommodation section where you can find roommates for your house or apartment. It’s the only site where you’ll find the names Lindsey Lohan and Barack Obama next to each other!

One of the websites dedicated to gay youth is Here you’ll find many of the things found on the previously mentioned websites, but leaning more to a younger angle. It’s great for the younger generation who have enough troubles without adding their homosexuality to it.






Hot gay websites are everywhere, and depending on what your needs and wants are, you’re sure to find something online to suit your exact requirements. Whether it be a hot gay porn website, where you can source pictures or videos in any theme you like – and for whatever needs you desire – or simply to find company online or in the real world, websites can be found at the click of a button.

As we have talked about here, care needs to be taken when visiting websites. If you’re searching for hot gay porn websites, then you need to decide if you are going to stick with paid websites, of if you’re happy to pay for gay porn websites. If you are going to pay, make sure you’re protected by reading the fine print and making sure you’re not signing up for something you don’t want. Then you need to ensure you have adequate spyware and virus protection, and a net nanny programme if you are likely to have children using your computer. Do you have enough download allocation to support your viewing habits? And are you aware of the laws in your part of the world?

If you’re looking for online books and magazines, the same warnings apply for purchasing e-books and the like with your credit card. But remember you can find free e-books you can download (but again, beware of viruses and spyware). There’s no need to pay for all your publications, as some online magazine websites are free, and you can keep up to date with all the latest happenings – as well as be part of a larger community.

Online dating websites are another type of hot gay websites you can find. Be careful when online dating, and take precautions every step of the way – from signing up and paying for membership to choosing your username and photo. Be careful who you chat to and what you say, and when you finally decide to meet, play it safe and don’t feel pressured to do anything you’re not comfortable with. Having safe fun is what it’s all about!

After all this negativity, though, the internet and its many websites can be a blessing to a population of gay people who feel isolated from those closest to them, simply because they are gay. There are so many online gay communities that run their own websites, and it is easy to be part of them and feel welcomed and supported in your lifestyle. With the world getting smaller and smaller, being with people you feel at home with might not necessarily mean sharing the lounge with someone. It can mean talking to someone you’ve never met, who is thousands of miles away, but who shares your world view and therefore, a piece of your life. This has to mean that the internet is a great thing!



When it comes to Male Voyeurism, the internet is flooded with hot gay websites already. Well there is no denying the fact that there are even websites which will make you go bankrupt before letting you see even a single video clip and the other free sites have the same repetitive content. But SpyTube scores over others when it comes for selecting the right content and the video clips as far as other hot gay websites are concerned.

The site is extremely courteous and is easy to surf for its various sections and service like other famous ‘tube’ sites such as pornotube, redtube etc.  There is a huge range of videos that can viewed sorting by most viewed, most popular, randomly and featured on this hot gay website. The site is very east to throng on while the content is vast and never ending, but you can take this in a positive light.

There are approximately as much as 7000 amateur videos on this hot gay websites which is an extremely extensive list to be found on any hot gay website being newly launched. Even though the length of video is in the range of 1-3 minutes, which can appear short at times, but again the hot gay website has managed to get these real life videos under one umbrella and under one membership site. So if you just think that you spend 2 minutes on 700 videos, you still have 1400 minutes to spare which is nearly 233 hours. Isn’t that WOW!!!

It is also noteworthy that the videos on this site are streamed in the similar fashion like xtube, youtube and pornotube, which is very comprehensible and non-bandwidth draining. The site’s functionality and speed are on the point. The quality of the videos may differ at times depending on the kind of the clip but overall amateur is at its best when you are on this hot gay website. This may just be the reason as the content is always updated with new amateur videos. It is also known about this hot gay website that the similar content can also be found on the other hot gay websites of the same genre but the fact here is that the 7000 videos and that too at one place under a single membership site is just amazing. The 7000 videos are categorized under different heads like there are over 1000 videos only on urinal peeping itself.

The membership options work in a different way on this gay website as compared to other hot gay websites. The membership tariff is dependent on the kind of bandwidth you choose. For instance, if you like to go with a bandwidth of 150 MB then you would probably have to pay nearly 30$per month on this astounding hot gay website.

There are various membership options on this hot gay website up to 750 MB per month and the huge library gives you an access to almost all kind of videos that are hardly available on other hot gay websites.

Bottom-line:  Above all the content archive is large and duly maintained. There are 30 categories of spy-cam videos and will cater to anyone looking for NON-FAKE content, from urinal, changing rooms, showers, toilet stalls etc.


Another name in the list of hot gay websites is SpyonGuys.TV. This is the real amateur and fun that can be found on the internet.  If you have tried searching for some kinky stuff in the past on other hot gay websites, then you might have come across with the problem that the real spycam videos aren’t available on these hot gay websites. They may have some bathroom conversations, or some staged scenes with phony bathroom cams, but that’s a trick to fake you. What you are assured on this hot gay website is that you will get loads of stuff on your hand to satisfy your amateur need for real.

What you’ll experience on SpyonGuys.TV can be entirely different from other hot gay websites. This is more of a ‘Video on Demand’ kind of service. It is sad to know that there are no options as such to join this hot gay website or to view the entire videos; but if you can manage to buy some tokens then you can lay your hands on some real amateur. You may have to buy 5 tokens to view one scene and 6 scenes make 1 movie. Hence you have to make it 30 tokens to purchase an entire movie which falls in the range of 1hour 30 minutes and more. However you can purchase either a monthly token membership service, wherein the amount of tokens is renewed every month or a token-only type of membership without any renewal. The monthly membership for this hot gay website ranges from 19.95 on the lower level to 89.95 per month and may include 40 to 280 tokens, correspondingly. However the ‘token-only’ plans will generally cost between 49.95 and 99.95 and may include 150 to 300 tokens. It is obviously fruitful to buy more tokens first hand, as it will cost you lesser when compared in the long-run.

This hot gay websites is entirely tempting, as there is a never ending range of videos and amateur and an endless amount of perfect voyeur films. The videos are implemented with DRM format which means that you can save it or download it. The hot gay website has about 59 pages presently and each page is endowed with 3-4 full-length videos. Henceforth, there are about 180 full-length films and more than 1000 scenes. The drawback is with the quality issue which is not that excellent and sometimes quite grainy. This must be noted that these voyeur clips are mainly filmed with spy cams and are old. It is true that the quality might not be superb but it has the most authentic content as compared to other hot gay websites that are more interested in eating you money.

The video library in here is extremely enriched with a huge amount of spy footage from locker rooms, mineral baths and saunas. The footage is incredible in terms of reality and the men are incredibly fit and healthy. The scenes in the locker rooms are shot with some military guys, black men, mature guys and beefy guys etc. 

Bottom-line: The footage found on SpyonGuys.TV is absolutely authentic and 100% voyeur. This is the kind of content that is both rare and relatively. So if you have been disappointed by some hot gay websites for not showing you the real locker room fun and communal showers, then this hot gay website has it all. The library is rich and the list is never ending. So what are you waiting for? Browse your way completely through the descriptions of the video and decide how many tokens you will need before purchasing a membership however you’ll have to purchase tokens for every scene viewing.


About My Boys

About My Boys is another hot gay website that has clicked in the minds of those who are looking for real fun and amateur. It is an all-twink hot gay website featuring blue-eyed guys between the ages of 18 and 22. This hot gay web site is based in Germany, so the hot models are all young European boys. The site is always rich with the content and is updated because the administrators of this hot gay website claim that they update it every week with video content and photo gallery.

The main members’ page area is laid out simply with extremely navigable design and everything falling in the place. Once you login, you’re welcomed into the seducing world of amateur. You are immediately navigated to the photo gallery section which is currently featuring over 60 galleries. Along with this there is a webcam area and a video downloads section with an interactive area for users of this hot gay websites.

The photo gallery section will impress you for sure with each photo gallery holding a relative amount of images. On an average there are about 2000 photos of each gay model! The most important thing is that these photos aren’t pathetic or grainy. The photos are high on resolution with each photo has a size about 1500x1000 and are remarkably clear. The galleries have the images from the models which are solo and are in different poses. Well there are more pictures in the duo section that also features enormous amount of quality. It is worth a mention again that all these models are 100% fresh and are in the age range of 18-22 year. The guys certainly appear to be “hand-picked” for this task. There might have been many hot gay websites that you may have experienced and you would have found that the guys are not attractive at all. But here on this hot gay websites the images of the guys getting kinky are too hot and attractive. It is obvious of the other hot gay websites that they are more into the quantity factor and stuff a lot of photos which are indeed not required. But here the quantity along with the quality has worked. About My Boys has done a fine job featuring the beautiful pics from the European twinks. So the photo section will leave you amazed with some 120,000 images to surf! One of the amazing hot gay websites

The video section is also as impressive as the gallery page. Well not only are all videos in 16:9 widescreen format, but they are in DivX format and easy for download. It would be a pleasure to know that the irritating DRM technology is not stuffed in the content, allowing the members and users to to download and keep whatever they want. It would be good for you to see that this hot gay website allows the DivX format rather than WMV. This allows the Mac and PC users to enjoy the available updates equally. These videos are easily packaged in ZIP format so as to make the download size at a reasonable average of around 200 MB. There are nearly 35 full-length videos which are available for download and every video is filmed on models that also feature in the exclusive photo galleries. You will be impressed with this hot gay website when you open the videos in the media player. The resolution averages to some 720x400, and is again very clear when expanded to full-screen. You can you’re your PC or Laptop to the TV and enjoy the resolution for these videos as they are very vibrant and clear. Alike the video content, the photos are also solo.

The models begin to show their bodies to the users and then slowly strip down to show their private organs for the fun and real amateur. They have a very cute and extremely beautiful nude physique. The 18+ year old guys are too good with the amateur fun and will endow you with utter pleasure on this hot gay website. There are duo scenes which are incredible and will give you extreme pleasure till you reach your orgasm. The quality for these videos on this particular hot gay website is flawless.

Bottom-line: About My Boys is a enriched with quality and entirely exclusive hot gay website. The photo gallery is enriched in its content featuring over 2000 images of around 60+ models. The video library is not large and enriched, but is updated every week. The resolution is both top-notch and is displayed in a widescreen which makes the site more pleasurable and enjoyable for you. This hot gay website concentrates on the beauty of each gay model, rather than just displaying the hardcore sex; so be prepared for some solo material. It is hence recommended that to all twink-lovers out there who love oogling over by cute kinky models.


Extreme fetish wear for men including excellent cock displaysMake the Best of Hot Gay Websites
The Internet is a fantastic resource for all kinds of information on gay and bi sexual matters, from useful sexual health advice through to some incredibly hot gay websites that can supply you with all of the most erotic fantasy material you could ever desire. The Internet is also a great way to meet and exchange thoughts and ideas with other like minded people and there are plenty of gay orientated dating and chat websites that can help you to get in touch with other hot gay men (both local and all around the world) and explore your sexuality from the comfort and privacy of your own home. The Internet is ideal for busy career minded gay men as it provides a quick way to help you find that special someone to share your precious time with and is also great for helping you to find lots of information about gay friendly nightclubs, bars and meeting points in your local area through various social and local websites, and this can be a great way to help you plan your night out.

Exploring Your Sexuality
How do you know what turns you on when you are just coming into your sexuality? Well the truth is you don’t, and it can be very confusing as all of your hormones are working overtime and even the most bizarre images and situations can get your juices flowing. These are difficult times for gay and bi people, as you simply cannot be sure about the strange new emotions and desires you are feeling and whether you are just curious because all of these sensations are new, or if you really do find same sex or certain types of unusual sex a genuine and undeniable turn on. This confusing situation is exacerbated by the overwhelming social stigma of being gay that exists most societies throughout the world, which can encourage both young and mature people to repress their desires and feelings, and this can make it even more difficult for them to work their way through those tricky first steps into same sex relationships.

Pornography is naturally very fascinating for those just exploring their sexuality as it provides you with solid images and ideas, sometimes very graphically, which can help you to put your sexually desires into some kind of perspective. There is a vast amount of diverse porn and sexual advice available online, from both hot gay websites and more informative sexual health websites, which can help to satisfy some of the unfamiliar cravings you have been feeling and help you to understand and communicate your sexual desires. How do you know if you are going to be attracted to same sex relationships unless you see images about this kind of sex and feel that giddy race in your blood that says yes, you are interested and this turns you on?

Same sex relationships are difficult for those just discovering they are gay, as unlike straight relationships there is a lot more emotional and moral turmoil involved as most children are bought up in a straight society which does not equip them for dealing with the unique experiences of same sex desires and attractions. Therefore a natural part of many gay and bi relationships is first understanding the sexual part of this dynamic between the two same sex individuals, and gay porn can enable you work through some of these issues before you embark on intimate relations, as it can help you to understand exactly what your tastes and desires are, and how you can satisfy them. Therefore all those amazingly erotic hot gay websites, (and porn websites in general), can be a valuable and easily accessible resource that can allow you to explore your sexually fully, and also have the major benefit of allowing you to do this in a safe environment, from the comfort and security of your home.

However when it comes to hot gay websites and online eroticism you must take care you don’t base all of your experiences of sex within a porn environment, as this is a purely fantasy world and can give you some very unrealistic ideas about sex if not balanced against real life experiences and a solid and realistic approach to sex and sexuality. For example the majority of hot gay websites are quite explicit and hardcore, and feature not only extremely muscular and attractive guys with huge dicks and truly awesome erections, but also some images of aggressive and sometimes violent sexual interactions. In real life everyone is different and has their own body shape and sexual drives, and not everyone (even those that enjoy looking at hardcore porn) would necessarily enjoy having real life sex in the same way as portrayed on a porn site. There is also a direct link between the super sexy images in porn and the everyday media (advertising, film, magazines and televisions) to individual body image, and it can be very dangerous for young people to feel that only attractive, well endowed men can enjoy sex, and they may be left feeling very inferior and uncomfortable with their own body and looks which could devastate their confidence and prevent them from enjoying sexual relations in the future. If you are just beginning to explore your sexuality then as well as the many hot gay websites online there are also plenty of useful and practical websites that can help answer any questions or concerns you may have about same sex relationships or sexuality in general including The Gay Youth Corner ( which as well as an active online gay, bi and lesbian community has many relevant and down to earth articles (updated regularly) and other resources for young people to explore and learn from.

Hot Gay Websites
There are so many hot gay websites online you will be literally be spoilt for choice, and there should be something to suit every taste and desire from super intense videos of hot gay group sex through some seriously sexy downloadable images of hot fit bodies and fabulously famous hot male porn stars. If you do have a particular sexual desire you want to explore such as bondage and fetish then there are hundreds of websites that cater to every need and sexual attraction, and this can be a quick and easy way to find out more about your desires from the privacy of your own home, giving you a chance to explore those things that have peaked your curiosity before you put yourself ‘out there’.

All you need to do to find some of the best gay porn on the Internet is to go to any search engine and type in ‘hot gay websites’ and a massive list of steamy websites will be displayed, so you can pick and choose which places to visit to get your rocks off. Sexuality is a very individual experience, so take time to read the website descriptions in the search engines carefully, as some of the websites may not be your thing as gay porn does tend to be very explicit and you may either like these hardcore images and movies, or find them a little too intense for your tastes. Here are just a few of the top hot gay websites for you to check out:
•    Porn Adept ( – this fantastic website has everything you need to know about Internet porn, and there are reviews of some of the hottest gay websites provided with information on all types of guys including full on studs, beefed up jocks and cheeky twinks all on one site. Porn Adept also offers a massive catalogue of porn DVDs which include productions from some of the tops star and best award winning studios out there.
• ( – another great resource for online gay porn videos with thousands of soft to hardcore movies and picture galleries on offer.
•    Hot Nude ( – this website is great fun and if you are just starting out exploring your sexuality or are not very interested in the hardcore material available online this is the site for you, as it posts softcore yet very sexy images of hot naked gay men exploring the disciplines of yoga and Tantra from private studios in NYC, Boston and LA.
• ( – this website has a huge gallery of free hot gay pictures, movies and porn clips, which are updated regularly throughout the day with the latest and hottest new material.

Online Adult Clothing Stores
Other hot gay websites can include those that sell ranges of erotic adult clothing and accessories, and this can be a great way to purchase sex toys and seriously hot underwear and outerwear, as you will be able to browse through the online catalogues from the comfort and privacy of your own home, and most websites offer discreet payment and delivery services direct to your front door, so that you can be sure that everything you buy is completely confidential. Hot gay websites that sell erotic clothing and toys may also have a lot more of the difficult to find items that regular bricks and mortar sex shops may not stock, so if you do have a particular fetish or sexual desire then it is much easier to find suitable clothing and toys online, and you wont have to spend hours ringing around to find what you need. Buying online is also a lot cheaper in most cases, and you can get some great deals on sexy underwear and seriously flirty club wear in all kinds of styles and forms such as PVC jumpsuits, leather tie up briefs and seriously hot latex and ‘wet’ look thongs. Koalaswim ( is just of the many hot gay websites selling a wide range of sexy adult toys, underwear, bondage and also fetish gear on the Internet so you and your partner can enjoy some hot and sexy bedroom games, and also has some seriously erotic images of some of the fittest and most fabulous guys from muscular bears through to cute and flirty twinks.
Men's swimwear

Spice up Your Relationship
Although there is plenty of relationship studies available for straight couples, gay relationship research is still a relatively young field, and the first study on how gays and lesbians interact with each other the process of a long term relationship was not published until 2003 (by John Gottman, couples therapist and Robert Levenson, psychology professor at University of California). This means that relationship counseling for gay couples is really still in its infancy, so there is not so much solid advice out there for how gays can really get to grips with their long term commitments and make them work. Once thing research has shown though is that in same sex relationship one of the most dangerous elements is apathy, which is basically when one or both partners start to grow bored. This basically means that once the sex grows too familiar the relationship can start to flounder, and one excellent way you can help to spice things up again is by introducing stimulating and arousing material into your intimate relations in the form or erotic pictures and movies. Hot gay websites provide a huge variety of sexy images and DVDs that can really get you and your partner’s pulses racing, so take some time to sit down with them and browse the many erotic websites online - you may not even last 10 minutes before you both get so turned on you have to take some time out to work through some of that tension before you continue. The great thing about hot gay websites is that you can enjoy instant erotic images and movies from the comfort of your own home, so you can literally fire up the computer and immerse yourselves deep into the world of hot tight bodies, sweaty muscles and powerful erections that will make your blood race, all at just the click of a button. Before you start looking at online porn discuss with your partner what sexual desires and fantasies you both have, as this can help direct your online search amongst the many thousands of hot gay websites there are on offer, and this is also an important communicative method which can help draw you closer together and make sure both of you are sexually satisfied.

Gay Online Dating
One of the best aspects of the Internet when it comes to hooking up with people is the anonymity. This is great for those that often suffer from shyness in real life, as in the cyber world you can really let yourself go and be as wild and fabulous as you always wanted to be, because you have that security barrier of your computer between you and the hot guys you have set your sights on. If you have ever experienced steamy online chat then you will know just how erotic and arousing it can be to flirt and get off either through using online chat rooms and similar websites, or if you are brave enough by hooking up with another persons webcams so that you can see just how fit and able they really are, and this can be an amazingly erotic experience that can be very sexually stimulating and satisfying, and also very safe as you can do it all from the security and privacy of your own home.

If you are more interested in finding a special someone to share your life with then regular online dating is also widely available on the Internet and there are some fantastic websites that utilize advanced profiling techniques to help set you up with the guy of your dreams, whether you are after the sensitive type for a long term relationship or a hot, sexy guy who wants to get down and dirty with you for a few nights of fun and games. Online dating is the chance for you to be really specific with your attractions and desires, and you will have much more chance of finding someone out there who shares your own tastes and interests than if you just go out to all of your regular local haunts.

The anonymity of online dating and chat can really help you to let go of your inhibitions, but it does have a darker side, and you must remember that just as you may be playing a role unlike your normal, everyday self, there may be other people online who are pretending to be something other than they really are. This is why it is also important to remain safe online, and if you feel that a person has overstepped the mark with you or is trying to manipulate you into doing someone you are not comfortable with then you should tell them you are unhappy with the way things are progressing and cut contact with them immediately. Don’t forget that many predators use the anonymity of websites to mask their own sinister agendas, and anyone is capable of being duped by charming fraudsters and deviants, whether you are young or old, gay or straight.

Most chat and social sites have privacy functions so that you can regulate who sees your personal pages and contacts you, so make sure you use these to manage your online status more effectively, and block out those other users who you do not want around you. Be very careful about setting up meetings with people you meet online, and make sure you consider your own personal safety and security before you set out on any date or one-to-one contact with someone you have never met before. You may think you know them very well from your time spent chatting online, but it is easy to say one thing online and be completely different in real life, so you should make sure you meet this person in a public place, as this will give you a chance to get a ‘feel’ for them, before you take your relationship with them any further. Always tell someone where you are going before you meet up and what time you will be back, and have an excuse ready in case you want to get away quickly if you find out they are not the person for you after all.

Hot Nights Out
If you are looking for a wild night out in your home town, or are going on holiday or visiting new places then you can use the Internet to check out the hottest local nightclubs, bars, discos and meeting places in the local area. For example if you are planning a trip to London then the website, is a great resource, as it provides news and reviews on all the gay friendly pubs and clubs in the city which can help you to decide the hottest places to see and be seen when you are visiting the capital city. Likewise if you are planning a trip to New York, Paris, Sydney or any other major city there will be plenty of information online on various websites that can point you in the right direction for a wild night out, and also provide you with lots of tips and advice on entry fees, dress codes and opening/closing times. Lots of capital cities also have gay villages, and again you can find out more about these areas and the best places to stay and go out through various specialist websites.

Hot Gay Websites
Hot gay websites are widely accessible and many of them offer plenty of free sexy adult movies, pictures and all kinds of erotic content that provides a cheap and really easy way to satisfy your sexual desires. Whether you are interested in online porn to help spice up you and your partner’s sex life, or you are looking for the one special person to share your dreams and desires with then there is a website to suit you, so get online and start searching the many seriously hot gay websites on offer. Hot gay websites offer a great way to explore your own individual sexuality from the comfort and privacy of your own home, and can provide you with an excellent way to meet and hook up with like minded people who share your own tastes and sexual attractions.